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McKeon: We Could Cut The Whole Defense Budget And Still Run A $500B Deficit

REP. BUCK MCKEON (Chairman of the House Armed Service Committee): We could eliminate the whole defense budget, we could eliminate the whole discretionary budget, close down all of the buildings here in Washington, and we would still be running a deficit of half a trillion dollars per year because of mandatory spending. That's where the problem is. What the president has tried to do in the budgets that they send up to us, is lay this all on the backs of the military. And the war funding has come up out of separate funding that we voted for each year. This budget that we're talking about, that's our base budget. That's the troops, the Navy, the Air Force, that has been protecting us since World War Two. They've kept the sea lanes open around the world. They're taken for granted and enough's enough. 

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