Chris Matthews: Minimum Wage A "Great Way To Screw The Other Side"


CHRIS MATTHEWS: I don't know if I sparked this idea, but a while back, a week or so ago, I started talking, you know, discharge petition. Meaning, don't Democrats, the minorities in the House, sit around waiting for the Republicans to push the minimum wage because they're not going to do it.. You guys get a petition together, get 218 votes, you'll get it on the floor. But even if they fall short, imagine going into the room. It's like card check with the labor unions, right, Ed Schultz stuff.

They come walk in the door, we would like you to sign this and Peter King is waiting for them. Peter King, does he want to have to sign that? He doesn't want to not sign it. [Congressmen] Pat Meehan, Mike Fitzpatrick, [Jim] Gerlach, these other guys, they're going to say, 'Wait a minute, if I don't sign this, then they'll be able to go out and announce -- the Democrats -- that I, representing a lot of working, middle class families that I've said no to minimum wage.'

I think it's a great way to screw the other side into doing something you want them to do. And it's a win-win, because if they don't do it, you kill them in November.

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