Joan Walsh: The Future Is About Redistribution And People Dealing With Income Inequality


CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let's take something that is easy for everybody to understand. Back in the '90s, Bill Clinton, I thought had the guts to come out for NAFTA. It wasn't popular with labor, but he thought a global market made more sense. That we could certainly compete with Mexico. We'd be benefitting with trade with them. And now it looks like there may be a different -- is Hillary Clinton more to the left than the former president on trade issues? Will she come out against NAFTA? Joan? Let's get particular. I think she is going to stay closer to the center and not be that radically anti-trade. Your thoughts.

JOAN WALSH: Well, during the 2008 -- now it's ancient history, right? During the 2008 campaign, she was open to talking about modifications to NAFTA. You know, she was very close to labor unions. So I really -- I don't know what she said about the new agreements. I don't know where she stands yet. But I think, you know, in terms of Matt, I want to say one nice thing about the Democratic Leadership Council and the third way style of politics.

I do think that in the '80s and the '90s they brought an approach to the Democratic party that said, 'Look, you guys, you have to be about growth. You have to be about economic growth. You can't only be about redistribution, you can't only be about raising taxes.' I think that was actually positive.

But that was then and this is now. We really do need a new -- our future looking people are going to be people who are dealing with income inequality. And are wondering whether our tax code is really -- can really do the things we need to it do when we need things like universal Pre-K. That's what the future is about.

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