George Will To Obama Voters: "If You'd Known What You Know Now Would You Have Voted For Him?"


SHANNON BREAM: It was the perfect segue. You set us up. 76% of people, if you add up those top two categories, say the administration bears some or a lot of the blame and the highest percentage went to a lot at 46%.

George, what does the administration do with that, and are we going to see more Democrats avoiding contact with the president as they're fighting for their lives and their seats?

GEORGE WILL: Oh, they are avoiding him as if he had an infectious disease. When he comes to their states they don't want to campaign with him. There's not you can do because of what Charles said. They now own the health care system and as Mara said there's lots of people having lots of problems with health care that are not related to Obamacare, doesn't matter. It's going to be their problem.

The question I wish they had asked was, just of the cohort of Obama voters in 2008, if you'd known what you know now would you have voted for him? There would be an asterisk over his election, just as there is an asterisk over his 2012 election because of the harassment of conservative groups opposing him.

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