Sen. McCaskill: I Probably Wouldn't Campaign With Obama Now


MARK HALPERIN: If you were running for re-election in Arkansas, Louisiana or North Carolina, would you invite the president and campaign side-by-side with him?

SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL (D-MO): Probably not. I mean, this is -- I try to be really candid and honest on this show. The president's numbers are not strong in my state or in Arkansas or in Louisiana or North Carolina. He did not win those states when he ran for re-election in 2012. But that doesn't mean that you can't win. These candidates in those states are strong candidates. They have been an independent voice for their states. They know how to stay on offense and talk about the Republicans shutting down the government and the Republicans marginalizing great hard-working people who come to this country wanting nothing more than to be part of the American Dream. So, I don't -- I think this issue of whether or not you have Obama come to your state is something we like to focus on in Washington but probably is not that important when you get out to these states.

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