Obama Backs CBO Report: Obamacare "Giving People More Flexibility"


PRESIDENT OBAMA: I don’t think that an employer-based system is going to be, or should be, replaced anytime soon. But what the Affordable Care Act does do is it gives people some flexibility. It says if I’m working at a big company like IBM or Google, and I decide I want to start my own company that I’m not going to be inhibited from starting a new company because I’m worried about keeping health insurance for myself and my family. I can go make that move. If I’m a woman who is -- and I’d really like to work with him on the farm, but we can't afford health insurance on our own, so I’ve been working at the county clerk’s office for the last 10 years -- now maybe I’ve got the opportunity to no longer work in a different job and instead work on that farm and increase the likelihood of economic success for my family.

So it’s giving people more flexibility and more opportunity to do what makes sense for them. And ultimately I think that's going to be good for our economy.

But we understood from the state that there were going to be some challenges in terms of transition. When you’ve had one system where a whole lot of people did not have any health insurance whatsoever for a very long period of time, and we finally passed a law to fix that, we knew that there were going to be some bumps and transitions in that process. And that's what we’re working with all the stakeholders involved to address.

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