Dionne: "Think About The Money Put In People's Pockets When They're Saving From Subsidies"


DAVID GREGORY: Here are some of the headlines after that report from The Hill, "ObamaCare will cost 2.5 million workers by 2024." The Wall Street Journal, "Health care health law to cutting the labor force." New York Times, "Health care law projected to cut the labor force." That's not exactly what the C.B.O. said. Let’s strike the word β€œC.B.O.” These were congressional researchers who issued this report, E.J. and you wrote about it strongly this week.

E.J. DIONNE: Well, this did not say, "ObamaCare is a job killer." On the contrary, when Doug Elmendorf of the C.B.O. testified, he said that this will probably net create jobs. Just think about the money put in people's pockets when they're saving on their insurance from subsidies. What he said is some people might temporarily or leave the labor force.

Think of two people, we're supposed to be for family values. You have a couple where somebody wants to leave the labor force for a couple years to take care of their kids. Under the old system, if that person tells the health insurance, they didn't have the option to leave. Now they can. What you're doing is expanding people's choices. But you're also in the end going to create jobs out of it.

DAVID GREGORY: But this is a lot to explain. And for a lot of years, Republican--

E.J. Dionne: Not free choice. I think people get the choice part.

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