Krauthammer: The Essence of Liberalism Is You Can Choose Not To Work And People Who Do Will Subsidize You


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I'm glad I'm back tonight because the statement that Carney made is going to be emblazoned on the tombstone of liberalism. He says opportunity. This is what he's heralding in this achievement, that the government is giving opportunity for people to decide if they want to work. This is the liberals' ideal of the opportunity society.

Of course, in a free society, you can decide if you want to work, but what Obamacare does, and so the essence of liberalism, is you can choose not to work, and the people who do work end up subsidizing you. Those people have to send their money to the government and then they shift it to the people who choose in this ideal new opportunity society not to work.

And in fact, what [Douglas] Elmendorf said, the head of the CBO, is obviously, Obamacare with a disincentive, is creating an incentive not to work, and Ryan is right, it's particularly in the one place where you want the incentive because it's the only way out of the ladder, of people who are unsuccessful in society, is to work, to get the training and the habits, and the dignity of work. And this does exactly the opposite.

Now, you can argue it's an inevitable side effect kind of benefit of this sort, but that's not the argument the administration is making. This is a benefit, a wonderful thing that we're giving people the opportunity not to work and to live off the sweat and the work of other people. Is that the American way? That sounds odd to me.

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