Krauthammer: If Obama Lawlessly Amends Obamacare, How Can We Trust Him To Enforce Immigration Reform?


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, it was one of those rare, dawning of sanity among Republicans. The principles, I think, are really good, and I would agree with almost all of them. The border enforcement and then legalization, but not amnesty. But, the tactics that they have settled on today are exactly right.

The point is that this is something you need to wait for next year, for several reasons. A, it would fracture the Republicans in a year that will be all of theirs, all theirs if they concentrate on the one issue which is dividing the country -- extremely unpopular -- and is the embodiment of Obama liberalism, namely Obamacare. You don't want to introduce a distraction.

Second, you want immigration reform at a time -- and to concentrate now on winning the Senate. Therefore, second, if you win the Senate and do you this next year, you're in a position to actually pass a bill that would be infinitely better than anything you could get today.

And then, third, the Republicans are absolutely right to say that you cannot trust the president to carry out the law faithfully. And he hasn't even carried out faithfully his own law, which he has amended 16 times and he is now going to continue to amend unilaterally and lawlessly. How do you expect him to carry out faithfully a law in which he is going to have to compromise on enforcement. So it's absolutely right. Not this year. Work on healthcare reform, win the Senate, and do it next year.

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