Hume On "Unconvincing," "Pathetic" Press Briefing: "Obamacare Is Going To Discourage Work"


MEGYN KELLY: Before I let you go, your thought on this new Obamacare report that we just heard from Ed Henry, about how now all these millions of people are expected to stop working, because they -- they're choosing to, which is great, but as one of the panelists on Special Report put earlier, the rest of America may not want to choose to support them with the subsidies, and yet they have to.

BRIT HUME: Well, basically what this says is, that whatever employers may decide to do to get around Obamacare, and whether or not they decide to drop workers or to cut back people to part-time hours, whatever they decide, employers, there's a whole other side of the equation, and that's the workers themselves. And this report plainly asserts that in a much larger way than the CBO originally thought, Obamacare is going to discourage work.

Now here we have an economy struggling to find its footing and get going on the kind of robust recovery we've all along been hoping for. And here comes a program espoused by the president that at least at the lower income levels, it says, will discourage work. That is not -- that is not good news for the economy, and I don't think it will be seen as good news by anybody.

KELLY: Well, I don't know if you're right about that. The White House came out today and tried to tout it as such, Brit, it's great to see you, as always.

HUME: That was a sad briefing. That performance by Jason Furman was one of the most unconvincing performances I've seen. His answers to the questions were just, they were pathetic.

KELLY: Brit, an untapped mean streak in Mr. Hume. Great to see you.

HUME: I have to sympathize with the guy myself, I wouldn't want to have conduct that briefing.

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