George Will: Obama "Talks Increasingly In A Kind Of Rhetorical Cotton Candy"


GEORGE WILL: Well, the president who talks incessantly, talks increasingly in a kind of rhetorical cotton candy, a flurry of adjectives that nullify the substance. As when he said to Bill O'Reilly, 'if you look at the video of the attack on the compound, you will see that it was not a systematic, well-organized process.'

Well, if you look at any war, any episode, it doesn't look systematic and well-rganized, it looks like war and chaos. But as we have seen, we had a memo sent to all of us by James Rosen this afternoon saying if you look at the book written on this, Under Fire, the authors of that saying the attackers knew the layout of the compound, knew where Ambassador Stevens was, knew where the gasoline was stored that they used to burn burn the place down, and used military hand signals to direct the operations. In other words, it looked to them systematic and well-organized.

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