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Ann Coulter: My Friend Died Because of Obamacare

ANN COULTER: A shocking and horrible thing happened to me yesterday. I mean, this does have real-world consequences. I got up in the morning and got an email from a friend saying my sister almost died because of Obamacare. She had been thrown off her insurance plan, you know Blue Shield just completely pulled out of California. A lot of insurance companies have just had to pull out. And there is no competition, I mean, there is fake competition. There are a million insurance companies but they all have to provide under federal law the exact same product. So, have it and go and compete.

So, anyway she was thrown off her insurance, she was trying to get insurance some other way, get on Obamacare, she couldn't get through the website. And she started to get a fever and she didn't want to go to the hospital, the emergency room. She didn't know what it was until she got her insurance. So she put it off, she put it off. On Thursday, she went into septic shock.

I was giving a speech yesterday, a lunch a speech, I went down and mentioned this during the speech -- you know, this woman nearly died, she went into septic shock. I got up to my hotel room after the speech and my friend sent me email saying, 'my sister died from Obamacare.'

TUCKER CARLSON: That is completely shocking.

COULTER: But really, it isn't. It's expected. We knew this would happen. It's a horrible story and people need to know about these stories. I emailed her, I asked her can I tweet this? She said, 'Julie would be very happy for you to tweet this.'

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