ABC's Jon Karl Grills Carney Over Obama's "Not Even A Smidgen" Claim On IRS Scandal


JONATHAN KARL: In the president's interview with Bill O'Reilly last night, he said there was not even a smidgen of corruption regarding the IRS targeting conservative groups. Did the president misspeak?

JAY CARNEY: No he didn't, but I can cite -- I think I have 20 different news organizations that can cite the variety of ways that that was established, including the independent I.G. that testified in May. And his report said he found no evidence that anyone outside the IRS had any involvement in the inappropriate targeting of conservative -- or progressive for that matter -- groups in their applications for tax-exempt status.

So, again, I think that this is something --

KARL: Isn't there an active Justice Department investigation in this matter?

CARNEY: I would refer you to the Justice Department. I think every look at this, every investigation into this and everything we’ve learned about this, is that this is not something that in anyway reached outside of the IRS. There's been a concerted attempt --

KARL: He said there is not a smidgen of corruption. He didn’t qualify inside or outside the IRS.

CARNEY: Right.

KARL: There is an active Justice Department investigation. Unless it has been concluded without anyone telling the news media. I mean, there's an active Justice Department investigation. Does the president pre-judge that investigation when he tells Bill O'Reilly there's not a smidgen of corruption?

CARNEY: What we've learned from an independent Inspector General and through the testimony we've seen, completely backs up what the president said. And, you know, a lot of that has been well reported on by what you and your colleagues and your news organizations over the course of the last several months. You know, some people have missed those reports.

KARL: So the Justice Department should pull the plug?

CARNEY: Obviously, we do not interfere with Justice Department investigations.

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