Chuck Todd: Obama Has "Given Up" On Trying To Change Politics As We Know It


CHUCK TODD: So, you know, at some point you do figure the politics is going to sort of impact where the president comes down here. But on the big picture legacy thing, you know, the other part that the president was elected on was changing politics as we know it in this town. And that's what sort of has stunned from the David Remnick interview to the State of the Union itself, which all paints a picture of, you know what? He's resigned to the constraints of the office and the constraints of the politics of this town. He's given up on trying to break the polarization addiction that this town has. And some will say he added to it. But he's given that up. And to me, that's going to be something that I think historians are going to be writing about as the great disappointment of the Obama era.

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