Rendell: Hillary Has Already "Earned" 2016 Democratic Nomination


CRAIG MELVIN, HOST: Is that a good thing? Should there be a coronation.

FMR. GOV. ED RENDELL: Well, it's not necessarily a coronation; a coronation is when somebody hasn't earned it. I think for all of the things that Hillary Clinton has done in her career, she has basically earned it. When George W. Bush ran, he had some competition, but he hadn't done the things that Hillary Clinton had done.

I'm just saying whether it's a good or bad thing, as a practical matter, the vice president who has done a great job as vice president, but his people are Hillary's people. His fundraisers are Hillary's fundraisers and when you look at the poll that was just released, with Hillary having a 61% point advantage, I've never seen anything like that in presidential politics. And she has a 12-point advantage in the general election. There's an old saying and you know it very well, Craig, there isn't an election that can't be lost.

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