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Jon Stewart Grills Pelosi On Why Obamacare Website Failed: "I Don't Know... It's Not My Responsibility"

On the Thursday broadcast of Comedy Central's Daily Show, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told host Jon Stewart she didn't know why the Obamacare website failed. When pressed for an answer as to why, Pelosi said it wasn't her responsibility. However, Pelosi did say it is her responsibility to pass a bill that "honors" the Founders and the virtues of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

JON STEWART: Why do we have so much trouble executing the plans with any kind of efficiency?

REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): Well, again, if you're dealing with people who have no agenda, you know, who nothing -- nothing is their agenda and never is our timetable, it's very hard to negotiate with them. So we are responsible. In other words, call us responsible. They know we're going to vote not to shut down government. They know we are going t o vote for the budget no matter how unpleasant it is. The choice we have is to be irresponsible and follow their path or we don't want to be fearmongers but to explain this to the public is very bad news. We want to be positive.

STEWART: Aside from that aspect, I meant more in terms of, 'Okay, we are going to set up a health care web site that is an exchange. People are going to come to it.' Why is it so hard to get a company to execute that competently?

PELOSI: I don't know. As one who was very --


PELOSI: No, and that is my question.

STEWART: Let me get the House Minority Leader here, I can ask her. Hold on. What do you mean you don't know? How do you not know?

PELOSI: It's not my responsibility. But I will say this, we worked very hard to honor our responsibility to pass the bill that honors the vowels of our founders: life, a healthier life, liberty to pursue your happiness.

STEWART: Really?

PELOSI: Yeah. If you want to be a writer, if you want to be a comedian, if you want to be a camera person, if you want to start a business.

STEWART: But those are theoretical. I'm talking about practical.

PELOSI: So for us, this vision that we have, this actual legislation that makes life better for people was our contribution to the future. That they would have -- that there would be a web site that didn't work is so appalling, so shameful. So I share the concern that the public does [have], but it is getting better.

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