Paul Krugman on Coburn Losing His Doctor: "It's A Garbage Story"


NEWT GINGRICH: Let me just point out, speeches are terrific. When Clinton came in and sold healthcare and it lasted four days and then disintegrated in 1993, '94. The problem this president has is that this morning Senator Tom Coburn announced he had lost his cancer doctor under the Obamacare bill. Now, that kind of stuff day after day --

PAUL KRUGMAN: It's a totally misleading story, by the way.

GINGRICH: Of course it is, Paul.

KRUGMAN: It's, you know -- nobody has ever found that their private insurer has told them the doctor they were using is no longer in the network.

GINGRICH: I know it's hard for you to hear this --

KRUGMAN: It's a garbage story. It really is.


KRUGMAN: The point is, Clinton talked healthcare and didn't happen; Obama talked healthcare and it did happen. And it's not going to be reversed. And that's the important news here. He knows he's got it; Republicans know he's got it.

GINGRICH: I'm glad you live in that world. In the country at large, day after day after day, people learning they have lost their insurance, people learning what the size of the cost of the new program is, people learning they can't go to their favorite hospital, they can't go to their favorite doctor. The president just peaked tonight.

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