Rand Paul: Clinton Committed "Workplace Violence" We All Should Be Opposed To


BRET BAIER: You made some statements and you were asked a series of questions about womens' issues and Democrats and you talked about President Clinton. It created quite a stir. Any thoughts about those statements?

SEN. RAND PAUL: You know what I think is funny about it is so many people bring it up and say, 'Why is he bringing up Bill Clinton from 20 years ago?' Well because people asked me the question. I didn't bring it up. They asked my wife the question then they asked me the question. I'm a smart husband, if you've got to stand up for your wife you better stand up for your wife.

But really I think while there was a huge amount of media attention towards Bill Clinton and his affairs this wasn't an affair. This was a work place sexual harassment. And the Democrats want to be all high and mighty like they're the party to champion women. Well, gosh, their standard bearer seems to be a guy that was committing workplace kind of violence that we all should be opposed to.

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