Ed Henry To Carney: If Obama Wants To Use His Pen, Why Not Approve Keystone Pipeline?


ED HENRY: On executive action, if the president wants to move quickly to create jobs why not take that pen today and approve the Keystone pipeline?

JAY CARNEY: Ed, as you know, as has been the practice for many years now of administrations of both parties, the reviews involved in an international pipeline like this, a pipeline that crosses an international boundary, are done or run by the State Department and that process continues at the State Department.

HENRY: But you would be involved in the decision. The State Department handles it, but they've had it on their desk, for what, two years?

CARNEY: Well what the president is doing is what his predecessors did, presidents of both parties. Which is allowing the State Department to oversee a process where this pipeline is evaluated and when that process is done I'm sure we'll be made aware of it. But what the president believes is that it's important to maintain a process that was devised, again, and utilized by White Houses of both parties in order to assure that the right decision is made.

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