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David Brooks: "Jerry Brown Of California, Mark My Words, He's Going To Run"

JUDY WOODRUFF: All right, just one last quick question, speaking of politicians and money.

Hillary Clinton, we haven't talked a lot about her in a while. But she's going around the country making speeches. And I guess one of the most successful political action committees, super PACs, announced this week that it is going to be backing her.

So, again, it's what -- it's what you both are talking about. It's money, it's politics. What does this say that, here we are, January 2014, and we're already talking about how much money...

DAVID BROOKS: Yes, well, they're trying to scare people out of the race. But, to me, it's not going to work.

It's the sound of doom. No, I don't think it's the sound of doom, but I do not think she is going to be coronated out of this. And the fact that some high-flying Washington establishment PAC is helping her is not going to necessarily help her. There is a great outsider hunger here.

And I'm looking for an outsider. Governor Jerry Brown of California, mark my words, he's going to run.

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