Krauthammer: Obama's "Self-Righteousness" And "Refusal To Give Respect To The Other Side" Is "Repulsive"


MEGYN KELLY: He talks about how, you know, [Republicans] are responsible for the gridlock because the Republicans don't want to answer to their hometown constituents and they watch FOX and so on. And there is no accountability in this comment, or what he identifies as the quote, problem, Charles, for his own tone that he has set in Washington and his own failure to meet with Republicans and sort of extend his arm, something for which he has been criticized even by moderate Republicans like Olympia Snowe.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: But it goes way beyond that. This is the best example you can find of Obama's political and ideological self-righteousness. He truly believes that the way he sees the world, he says in this little snippet of the interview, that it's pragmatic, it's rational, all he wants to do is help the folks. And of course, anybody who is on the other side, anybody who sees say the biggest stimulus in American history or the takeover of one-sixth of the U.S. economy -- with a scheme that is completely irrational and collapsing around him -- anybody who says this is not working can only be either acting against the national interest or being suspicious of him without any reason.

He simply can't accept the fact or at least in public he doesn't accept the fact that one can actually have a view that contradicts his, that is in good faith, that is patriotic, and that also seeks the good of the country. So if you think as he does, self-righteously, that there is no way to oppose him and be honestly patriotic and sympathetic to the American people, then of course you have to attribute all of these evil motives to the other side who are preventing the people from receiving the message. I think it is a myopia, rather it is unbecoming, and in fact it often becomes repulsive. It is a refusal to give respect to the other side.

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