Coulter: Wendy Davis Married A "Sugar Daddy"


ANN COULTER: It's blurring the lines or, 'Oh, I should have been more precise.' No. These were lies. They were lies, the same as Elizabeth Warren claiming to have been an Indian. The central focus of her life story, the hard-luck story -- which would be amazing if it were true -- is that she was raised by a single mother, started working when she was 14 to support her struggling family, then she became a single mother herself, lived in a trailer park and whoa through her pluck and determination she ends up in Harvard Law School. Well, no.

She basically came from a middle class family, her father ran a dinner theater. That's not working-class. Yeah, she got married young and had a child young, and then got divorced at 21. I mean, I think the age between 19 and 21 I don't think makes a big difference but that isn't the hard luck story. Through the 50s most women, I believe, were getting married and having children before they turned 20. But the big part is the reason being a single mother -- and it would be very impressive if she ended up at Harvard Law School, I will say, is that single mother --

SEAN HANNITY: No, he was granted parental custody.

COULTER: The connotation is you were supporting a family and raising your kids. She was neither supporting her family nor raising her kids. She married a sugar daddy whom she asked to meet. He supported her, he raised kids while she went to Harvard Law School. And he said, in that Dallas Morning News article, oh my gosh, it's the greatest quote I've ever seen. He says, and I quote, 'it's ironic the day after i paid the last' --

HANNITY: 'I made the last payment and the next day, she left.'

COULTER: But the crucial part there is, 'it's ironic.' No, I think the expression you're looking for is it's entirely predictable.

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