Andrea Mitchell On Bridge Controversy: "I Think The Democrats Are Probably Overdoing It"


DAVID GREGORY: And he could have this investigation around for a long while, and that's what I was asking the assemblyman about.

ANDREA MITCHELL: I mean, I think what he has to focus on is the investigation. He probably should not have gone to Florida and fulfilled that commitment. Because in Florida, if he's, first of all, behind a gated community with the wealthy, with Ken Langone, who's also telling the New York Times at the same time he didn't hire the right people. So, there's criticism--

DAVID GREGORY: Wait. You’re cautioning about who he's surrounding himself with, right?

ANDREA MITCHELL: And this is Langone, who wanted him to run in 2012. He was one of his strongest supporters. I think the Democrats are probably overdoing it by following him around and trailing him, looking like they're piling on. But he's got to deal with the investigation and make sure that if everything he said is correct, he's home free. But he's got to make sure, and there are a lot of emails out there.

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