Bill Maher: Christopher Stevens Bears Some Of The Responsibility For Benghazi


BILL MAHER: So I noticed the Republican pushback on Bridgegate is to then mention Benghazi, to try and compare them. And I think it would be an appropriate comparison if the consulate in Benghazi had been attacked by Valerie Jarrett. But it hasn't.

The Benghazi report came out -- the Senate did a report, finally -- and it said, here are the highlights. First of all, it said no cover-up. Which we knew, but it is nice to see the Senate endorse reality. It could have been avoided, they said, but so could have 9/11 itself and the Iraq War.

I notice the talking point about whether it was planned or, you know, that was a big thing. Was it planned like Pearl Harbor or unplanned like a Palin pregnancy? That went away. They don't talk about that anymore. No warning from intelligence agencies.

But here was what was new and what I think is interesting: they finally said that the ambassador, Christopher Stevens -- brave guy, great guy, great diplomat, gutsy -- he does bare some responsibility. I'm sorry. He put some trust in the local militias and they turned on him. Because you probably shouldn't trust local militias in Libya.

JAMES CARVILLE: I got one word -- I've got two words for you: unskewed polls.

MAHER: What?

CARVILLE: Unskewed polls. That this is all the Democrats --

MAHER: What?


CARVILLE: Unskewed polls! Remember?

MAHER: I don't know what you're saying.

CARVILLE: That all the Republicans are telling each other that Romney was going to win the election. When all the Democrats and the analysts were saying [otherwise]. How many reports have they had that all say the same thing about Benghazi? This is the same thing that was said in the Pickering-Mullen report that was the same thing said in the Homeland Security report which is the same thing that was said in The New York Times. But it doesn't matter. It just doesn't -- you say Benghazi. Now the world that knows what's going on said we know what happened there, there is nothing to find out. It doesn't matter. That's what you think and they're just going to keep saying that. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi!

MAHER: It's like a toddler's blankey. It's tattered and useless, but try to throw it away and they will throw a tantrum. (HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, January 17, 2014)

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