Krauthammer: Weakness Of Senate Benghazi Report Is It Blames Buildings And Not Individuals


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: And knowing that it wasn't a protest from the first few minutes, because as FOX reported earlier in the week, from the released interviews, the president met with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, with the Defense Secretary, who had heard immediately that it was a terror attack and not a protest. So he knew it by 5 o'clock of that day. And then he went on and pretended two weeks. But I think what's wrong, the weakness of the Senate report, is this: it blames buildings, the State Department; it blames the CIA; it blames the military, these bureaucracies.

In the end, nobody, no individual, no human has been held accountable. And on either side of the attack. Remember how the president solemnly said, 'make no mistake, those who did this will be held accountable?' Nobody has been arrested. In fact, on the contrary. 15 people in Libya, who cooperated with us, are now dead They've been held accountable.

BRET BAIER: Yes or no, an issue in 2016 or not?


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