Obama: "Where I Can Act On My Own Without Congress, I'm Going To Do So"


PRESIDENT OBAMA: North Carolina still has a higher than average unemployment rate so this is important to this state. Folks aren't looking for a handout, they're not looking for special treatment. There are a lot of people who are sending out resumes every single day, but the market, the job market is still tough in pockets around the country. And people need support, a little help so they can look after their families while they're looking for a new job.

So Congress should do the right thing and extend this vital lifeline for millions of Americans. Of course, that's just short term. Long-term, the challenge of making sure everybody who works hard can get ahead in today's economy is so important that we can't wait for Congress to solve it. Where I can act on my own without Congress, I'm going to do so.

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