Gates: "Obama Was Suspicious Of Military's Motives"


SEAN HANNITY: But it is interesting, as I read the differences that you have between them here, stylistically, how Bush you felt was more comfortable around the military, where you didn't get the same sense that President Obama was comfortable around the military.

FMR. SEC. OF DEFENSE ROBERT GATES: Yeah, he was, the way I describe it in the book, he was always respectful, he always gave military leaders as much time as they wanted. Listened carefully, was never nasty to them. But I always had the feeling with him, first of all, that he was suspicious of their motives and, second, that time spent with them was an obligation rather than something he enjoyed. And I felt that President Bush genuinely enjoyed being around the senior leaders.

HANNITY: What made you come to the conclusion that from day one President Obama was seeking re-election.?

GATES: I think that was pretty obvious. It didn't require political science to figure that out.

HANNITY: Really? So you felt every decision he made was seen through that political prism?

GATES: It was a part of the discussion. What I say in the book is that, for example, the vice president, in describing things like the Afghan surge, I say that the president was aware of the politics but unlike Vice President Biden and then chief of staff Rahm Emaneul was not driven by the domestic politics.

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