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Paul Ryan Gets Grilled By Hugh Hewitt Over Budget Deal Cutting Military Pensions

HUGH HEWITT: Some of these men and women, in the thirteen years we have been at war, have been deployed six, seven, eight times, have missed dozens of Christmases and birthdays and birth of their child. And the Congress steps up, the House GOP steps up and says the only group that we are going to force to pay for their own readiness is going to be the active duty military, because I heard you say very clearly, we need to maintain readiness. So in order to get them the jet fuel they need to fly off the carriers, or the bullets they need to train with, or the camouflage they need to move around with at night, we’re going to have to cut their future retirement. This will destroy retention, it will destroy morale, and it is deeply unfair to the American military which has sacrificed more than anyone else. And you guys put them first, and now you’re rushing it through so that the people who are outraged, like me, cannot get on the phones at 202-225-3121 and encourage that the House Republican Caucus absolutely reject this deal. On every level, it is an outrage on what we stand for in the Republican Party, vis-à-vis the military.

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