Krauthammer On Benghazi: What Difference Does It Make? There's A Difference Between The Truth And A Lie


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think the why is obvious, it was a way to maintain the fiction as an election was approaching. Obama boasting bin Laden dead, GM alive, al Qaeda on the run, they didn't want this, an obvious instance of a terrorist attack -- on the 9/11 anniversary -- to refute that story. So, the questions remain. How did it start since it obviously didn't start with the military? The military was telling the president on that very night. And the second question is, for these weeks afterward, when the pretense was out there, how could the people who knew, including, you know, very honorable people like the Secretary of Defense and others, stay quiet when they could see a falsehood being said?

When you think of the question that Hillary Clinton asked, what difference does it make? You know, there's something Clintonian in the question. There's a difference between the truth and a lie. The difference is that people in high office with public trust ought not lie. And if it was a lie, for whatever political or other reason, it shouldn't have happened, and the administration itself should have traced it down and corrected it. And they didn't. And that's what is disturbing and remains disturbing.

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