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Pelosi To Reporter: It's Not Called Obamacare, It's The Affordable Care Act

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tells a reporter not to use the term Obamacare when referring to the Affordable Care Act, even though she has used that term in the past.

QUESTION: The three “Obamacare” bills on the floor tomorrow in the House, some Democrats have indicated they might be open to supporting them. How strongly are you pushing members to vote against them? And does it start to become a sign of weakening support if more Democrats –

REP. NANCY PELOSI: Absolutely not. First of all, it’s called the “Affordable Care Act.” If that’s what you’re referencing, yeah, they are going after the Affordable Care Act. They’re saying, let’s do everything we can to take away health insurance from 9 million Americans who already have it and prevent many more millions of Americans from having it.

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