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ABC's Karl To Carney: Will The WH Take Blame For Jobs Report That Is "Barely Treading Water"?

JON KARL: Back to the jobs numbers, I seem to remember you at the podium not long ago, showing us charts of job growth over the past couple years. And the implication --taking credit that the president's policies contributed to jobs growth -- Now we have this report. Barely treading water, I mean 74,000 are created and more ominously, the workforce participation rate is down at a low for almost 40 years.

CARNEY: Pretty much where it's been since 2009, but yeah. 

KARL: So does the White House, do the president's policies have anything to do? Are they to blame at all for this jobs report?

CARNEY: Jon, as I think you know, when we talk about the monthly jobs reports, we always begin with the fact that whether it exceeds expectations or comes in below expectations, that there is more work to do. This report is no different. What it does represent is 46 consecutive months of private sector jobs creation. 8.2 million jobs over that period. 

KARL: 74,000 jobs is barely anything in an economy this large, right? 

CARNEY: It reinforces that we need to continue to have jobs growth, economic security, economic mobility as our top priority. 

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