January 8, 2014 Archives

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters On Gates' Book: "That Is As Low As Any President In History Has Gone"
WSJ's Jason Riley: MSNBC Not "Representative Of The Larger Black Population"
George Will On Gates' Book: "Clash Of Cultures With The Community Organizers"
Sheila Jackson Lee: The Word Welfare Should Be Changed To "Transitional Living Fund"
Chris Matthews: "How Many More People Are Going To Take The Bullet For Christie?"
Carney On Gates Book: What Happens When You Pick "Team Of Rivals"
Brit Hume: Gates' Revelations Have An Unmistakeable Ring Of Truth
Rubio: "Having A Job That Pays $10 An Hour Is Not The American Dream"
Jon Stewart Mocks Media Reaction To New Marijuana Laws
Chuck Todd: Gates Memoir Reinforces Idea That Hillary Will Say Anything To Win
Tapper: Gates Book Will Be "Very Damaging" For Biden's 2016 Prospects
Charles Barkley: Pot Made Me Giggle And Want To Eat Potato Chips
Carney Defends Biden From Criticism: "The Vice President Plays An Important Role"
Axelrod On Robert Gates' Memoir: His Stories Are Confusing, Vague And Subjective
Sen. McCain: Robert Gates' Memoir Confirms My "Suspicions" Of Obama
Rep. Hoyer: We Ought To Continue The War on Poverty To Reduce Income Inequality
NJ Star-Ledger Columnist: Christie Could Be Impeached Over Bridge-gate
Bill Daley On Gates Memoir: "Unfortunate," A "Disservice" To Our Military
Chris Hayes: Bill O'Reilly's Shocking Ignorance On Pot
Sharpton: GOP's Offset Funding Demand Is "Heartless And Gutless"
O'Reilly: Chaos Returns To Iraq, Dennis Rodman Diplomacy
"Special Report" Panel: Presidential Pivot Towards Jobs, Income Inequality
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