George Will Rips "Neoconservative" Liz Cheney: "Out Of Touch" With Republican Party


LAURA INGRAHAM: Liz Cheney announces she's dropping out of her Wyoming Senate seat race, citing serious health issues have recently risen. Of course, there was the issue with her sister and some family upset about her position on gay marriage. What do you make of this? Of course she's a big neoconservative herself.

GEORGE WILL: She is a neoconservative. So I think in that sense, again, she's out of touch with the drift within the Republican party. Second, she's down, what, fifty-points in the polls? Something like that. Mr. Enzi is a conservative, incumbent Republican who has no particular enemies in Wyoming. Liz Cheney is a public-spirited intelligent woman, but she's from Virginia. There's really no way of escaping that fact. Her connections with Wyoming have been tenuous in recent years. I think she's looked at the polls, looked at the rough roll-out of her campaign and made a sensible decision. (Laura Ingraham Radio Show, January 6, 2013)

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