Chuck Todd: White House Would Rather Talk About Anything Other Than Obamacare


DAVID GREGORY: Chuck Todd. A year of action, President Obama said 2014 would be. So how does he take his presidency back?

CHUCK TODD: Well, he's going to have to start with making sure healthcare works. You know, it's interesting, I was talking with some administration officials over the weekend and I said what's your January going to look like and they ticked off a whole bunch of issues. Confirmation of Janet Yellen, fight for employment insurance, we're going to have those NSA reforms. Sort of ticking off all these issues.

They sort of left out healthcare completely and I said, 'So, what does healthcare look like?' Well, they said as long as everything continues to get a little bit better, they think they can somehow ease things. And ultimately, no matter what, they would like to be talking about anything other than healthcare. They prefer NSA reforms, which are unpopular.

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