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NBC's Chief Medical Editor Made Kids Sign Up For Obamacare As Their "Patriotic Duty"

HAROLD FORD, JR.: What is the biggest fix that can be done to ensure that better care, affordable care gets to people that don't have it?

DR. NANCY SNYDERMAN: I think there should be a single-payer systems [sic]. And increasingly, you're seeing physicians in their late 50s, 60s and 70s, who are saying you know what, we got it wrong. We should have taken Medicare, expanded it and done it smarter.


WES MOORE: You know what's interesting? You talk about your kids and the big challenges for Obamacare and the rollout. How do we get the young and the healthy to sign up for health care? Which it was a dynamic prior to Obamacare. How do we get the young, how do we get the healthy, to -- that's the reason they came up with the plan.

SNYDERMAN: I made my kids sign up. Because I just said this is your patriotic duty.

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