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Rep. Issa: Benghazi Attackers "Claimed An Affiliation With al Qaeda"

ANDREA MITCHELL: We still call it the annex. But to the point of why use the term al Qaeda? Because you and other members of Congress are sophisticated in this and know, that when you say Al Qaeda, people think central al Qaeda. They don't think militias that may be inspired by bin Laden and his other followers. So it is a hot button for political reasons from the administration’s--

REP. DARRELL ISSA: But Andrea, it was accurate. There is a group that was involved that claimed an affiliation with al Qaeda. Now, Al Qaeda's not a central command and control. It was, in fact, a loose group that could take general statements and act on them. The important thing in our investigation, in the Oversight Committee investigation, where people have said under oath repeatedly, they were not given the security they asked for in advance, and they can't understand why there were not clear attempts to help them during those eight and a half hours.

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