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Boortz: Social Conservatives Will Keep Republicans From Taking The Senate

NEAL BOORTZ: Let me tell you what I think is going to happen – I don’t think the Republicans are going to take the Senate next year. They’ll keep the House, but they’re not going to get the Senate and I’ll tell you why – because they simply cannot resist the urge, the impulse to get into this social conservatism. The Republicans can’t run on fiscal responsibility. The Republicans, they can’t get out there and say, ‘Look, we are trillions of dollars in debt.’ They can’t stick to that. They can’t say, ‘We need private sector options to ObamaCare that can give people choices in the private marketplace.’ They can’t do that. They can’t stick to fiscal conservatism. They can’t stick to the small government message. The Republicans have this drive, this maniacal, this obsessive drive to get into social conservatism. (via Jeff Poor @ Breitbart)

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