Krauthammer: Nomination Of Hillary Clinton Will Be A Worship Service That Last 8 Months


SHANNON BREAM: Charles, do you think that Benghazi will factor in at all -- in the primary or the general should Hillary Clinton be the Democratic nominee?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: It won't in the primary. It won't even be an issue. I think the status she enjoys among Democrats is semi-divine. It’s not going to be a coronation. It’s going to be a worship service. And it will go on for about six or eight months. I don't think there is any serious challenger. There might be noise, but I don't even think that the left that we've talked about is that the significant. It’s a noisy left. But, I don't see any impediment on the way to her nomination. But I think she is going to be rather weak if she decides to run, which I think she likely is. She will be a relatively weak opponent. And Republicans, I think, are going to have a really good shot at the White House.

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