Krauthammer: Obama Administration "Running The Insurance Companies Like Errand Boys"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: This is at least the 15th unilateral change in Obamacare that the administration has made without changing the actual law. That's unconstitutional; that's lawless. That's banana republic stuff. As George indicated, the last change was made by a letter from the HHS secretary. That is the what you do it in a banana republic. If you want to know what the law is on a Wednesday, you check the correspondence of El Presidente instead of looking at law. There is no law.

It's as if the whole 2,000 pages of Obamacare -- which nobody has read anyway -- are completely irrelevant. it's simply an authorization for the president and the HHS secretary to do anything required. And today, it wasn't even announced. It wasn't even -- it was leaked. And the people in the administration who leaked it refused to give a name. It was anonymous. I was like Watergate; it was like Woodward and Bernstein.

And the insurers, the people who have to sign up the people who sign up tomorrow, were not even informed, it was a simple change in the software. The insurers are upset because they only have eight days to register anybody who signed up today, and now it is seven days. They have no time. But again, this is the administration's running the insurance companies like errand boys. They are extensions, they are instruments, they are essentially an arm of the government and we're seeing it every day.

In the end, if this fails, this arm of the government, the insurers, are going to have only one recourse and that is going to be a bailout. Ahuge government bailout with your tax money and with mine.

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