George Will: "Obamacare Is A Tapestry of Coercions Mitigated By Random Acts Of Presidential Mercy"


SHANNON BREAM: So we have another delay in signing up for Obamacare. Today was the drop dead deadline. It was December 15th. That got changed to today. Then quietly there's what they’re calling a grace period, George. How do you think this is going to go over?

GEORGE WILL: You used the word quietly and that's exactly it. This is a -- Obamacare now is a tapestry of coercions mitigated by random acts of presidential mercy announced in the most bizarre ways. Months ago, when they announced the suspension of the employer mandate, it was an assistant secretary of the Treasury, of whom there are twelve, posted it on the Treasury website.

Then, when they a few days ago suspended the individual mandate for certain preferred people, that was announced in a letter from Secretary Sebelius to six Democratic senators, as though this law of the United States was their private property.

This change today wasn't even announced. It was sort of discovered by the Washington Post and it was made on the pretext that they're gearing up for an expected surge of traffic. Which is kind of interesting because the one person we know who signed up today, the president, doesn't even get his health care from anything associated with Obamacare.

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