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Huckabee: 50-50 Chance On Running For President In 2016

WALLACE: But -- I mean, forgive me. I think you're being a little coy because you did an interview in The New York Times, you did an interview with the Washington Post. You're putting it out there more than just saying, well, I'm not closing it off.

I understand that it's 2013 and that's an eternity in politics. Chances you'll run, better or less than 50/50?

HUCKABEE: I would say maybe at this point, it is 50/50. But I don't know. I don't know that I would put a percentage on it.

And, by the way, the only reason I talked to those news entities is because they asked me. You know, I didn't go and solicit them and say, hey, I'd love to have an interview with you and lets But as people approached me and they've asked me about it, I had friends who said let's do a poll, let's just see if you're in the mix.

You know, those are things you at least listen to. And so, right now, I've got other things that I've got to focus on on a full-time basis, and I'll just keep that option open and make a decision after the 2014 elections.

WALLACE: Part of your appeal, if you do run, is that you're a populist who is concerned about reaching out to minorities, to working class folks who don't typically or certainly in the last election, didn't vote Republican. And you're also, like the president, interested in income inequality.

I want to put up something that you said recently at an event. "We devalue people sometimes who are poor. We do not deem them worthy of the same level of treatment we give those who are connected to the real axis of evil in this country, the axis of power that exists between Washington and Wall Street."

I must say I was struck by that. Axis of evil between Washington and Wall Street?

HUCKABEE: Well, there is such a collusion, Chris, between what happens in the financial world and what happens in the political world. One hand washes another and one feeds another.

And who takes it in the teeth? It's most of the working class people of America. Big banks get bailed out. Big insurance companies get bailed out. Who bails them out? Washington bails them out.

Why? Because there are campaign contributions that come along with the bailout.

I hear politicians that will resent the fact that some single mom is getting some assistance to put food on the table for her three children, she is doing the best she can, busting her backside try to help them, and those same people that somehow resent that single mom are the one and saying, but it's perfectly OK to bail out to the tune of billions big bangs who are run by Ivy League people who should have known better how to recklessly mismanaged.

Now, the point that I do make, and a lot of people misunderstand, I don't want the government coming in and creating a situation where they determine what income equality looks like. I think the government can mess more up than they can ever fix. So, the last thing I want is more and bigger government getting involved.

But I want there to be a calling out and an attention given to the fact that a lot of the crisis in America is not a money crisis. It is the moral crisis of people who seem to have a complete disconnect with a lot of working class people.

The reason that's important to me, Chris, I grew up a whole lot more in common with the people who are in the kitchen than the folks sitting at the head table. I had to learn how to sit at the head table. I didn't have to learn how to connect to the people who are bringing the food out to that head table.

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