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Carney Won't Provide Number Of Young Adults Enrolled In Obamacare

Q: Yeah, thank you. Do you have any update on all β€” at all for how successful the effort to find β€” get people to enroll β€” has been on getting young people? What’s the status on that?

MR. CARNEY: I don’t have any data specifically broken down by age. I would refer you to CMS. I’m not sure what they have. There’s no question that overall between now and March 31st, there needs to be a good mix of individuals in β€” who enroll in the marketplaces. As I think we’ve talked about in general, it is common, as we’ve seen from past experience, for enrollment of any kind in these kind of programs, including the private health insurance that most of you enroll in and have open enrollment periods for, to happen disproportionately towards the end and that young people are even more inclined to wait until the last minute to get their paperwork done or their online applications done. So having stated those facts, I don’t have any specific information with regards to the age breakdown so far.

Q: CMS won’t give that information out either. I mean, do you not have it? You must have it, right?

MR. CARNEY: I would β€” I just β€” I don’t have it. So I would refer you to CMS. I don’t have that data. (via Washington Free Beacon)

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