Reich: People Will "Stop Complaining" About Obamacare As Enrollments Increase


JONATHAN KARL: All right, we've got -- we're -- we're going to have time enough to talk about the 2016 primary. But I want to turn to the other major political development this week, which was PolitiFact awarded their Lie of the Year. This is not exactly an award you want to win, but it went to President Obama for his statement, if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.

A dubious distinction, the first ever lie of the year, went to Sarah Palin for talking about death panels.

What do you make of it?

Is it justified?

ROBERT REICH: Well, justified, not justified. What the president wanted to talk about this week was the fact that there are 350,000, 360,000 enrollees in November, new enrollees in November at the -- on the -- the

And, in fact, he can't talk about that.

I mean the attacks on ObamaCare, on the Affordable Care Act, have been absolutely relentless. It was a terrible mistake for him to say what he did.

But, you know, after a while, you've got to look at the fact that we have one of the most important reforms of the health care system of the United States ever enacted.

KARL: Is it going to be seen that way a year from now?

REICH: I think it is, because at the present rate of enrollment, we're going to have over a million people enrolled by January and people are going to stop complaining.

COKIE ROBERTS: Unless a year from now, people start seeing their employers dropping their health insurance. And then the -- you'll start to have a whole another wave of reaction against it.

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