Krauthammer On Latest Obamacare Decrees: "This Approach Is Banana Republic Lawlessness"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: It's about the political element of this, the fallout. Look, last night I said the administration, the Democrats are looking at a train wreck in January and this is exactly the reaction to a deep understanding among Democrats that this is a train wreck and it is a panic reaction. The judge said this is utterly lawless. This approach is banana republic lawlessness. I mean instead of -- the only difference is that here when you get presidential decrees it's done on a conference call instead of from the balcony of the presidential mansion. That's the only difference. And nobody seems -- you know, Evita isn't at his side.

Look, what's happening is the administration understands that by wrecking the previous system, by kicking millions of people off of their plans, presumably because Jay Carney had said because they're lemon plans, they're adequate, substandard, that you're going to have people out there in January who will be uncovered. And now they are ordering, or strongly encouraging -- if the government strongly encourages you, that's a spur to action. That's the equivalent of law. They're strongly encouraging insurers to actually pay the expenses of people who aren't insured, aren't enrolled. And to use the guidelines of the plans that were supposedly inadequate, supposedly substandard and lemon plans and using it as a guideline as to what's going to be covered.

BRET BAIER: I mean, can you imagine these doctor offices that are out of the network of these people who are then going to those doctors and saying, 'Well, the White House said that, you know, I still can be in your network.'

JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO: This is why what's she's doing is a terrible injustice because she is going to give people false hope. Her saying you can stay in the network is not going to keep you in the network, especially when you've already been kicked out because you're policy in the work is below the Cadillac standard the statute requires.

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