Chris Matthews: "At Least I Got My Thrill Up My Leg From Obama," And Not Palin


CHRIS MATTHEWS: Don’t you regret that you solemnized the marriage between the responsible Republican Party of John McCain and Sarah Palin?

STEVE SCHMIDT: I knew you were going to go there!

MATTHEWS: Of course I'm going to go there! It's your most famous event. 

SCHMIDT: Look, it's been self-evident for some time that when you look at some of these folks, whether it was her, whether it was a Christine O'Donnell in Delaware, we shouldn't define who is and who isn't a conservative on your capacity to suspend disbelief. To say that these people have the capacity to be in the United States Senate. Look, this has been self-evident for years, Chris.

MATTHEWS: Yeah... At least I got my thrill up my leg from Obama. You got it from Sarah Palin! It's never gonna go away.

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