Boehner Attacks Again: Tea Party Groups Have "Lost All Credibility"


SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER: When groups come out and criticize an agreement they've never seen, you begin to wonder just how credible those actions are. So yesterday, when the criticism was coming, frankly I thought it was my job and my obligation to stand up for conservatives here in the Congress who want more deficit reduction. Stand up for the work that Chairman Ryan did. He did good work on behalf of the American people. It's not everything we wanted, but our job is to find enough common ground to move the ball down the field on behalf the American people who sent us here to do their work.


Frankly I think they're misleading their followers. I think they're pushing our members in places where they don't want to be. And frankly I just think they've lost all credibility. They pushed us into this fight to defund Obamacare and to shut down the government. Most of you know, my members know, that wasn't exactly the strategy I had in mind. But if you'll recall, the day before the government opened, one of these groups said, 'Well, we never thought it would work.' Are you kidding me!? Listen, you all know me. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I'm as conservative as anybody around this place. And all the things that we've done over the three years that I've been speaker have not violated any conservative principle. Not once.

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