Gutfeld: The Hate Crime Hoax Business Is Booming


GREG GUTFELD: At least one business is doing great these days: the hate crime hoax factory. They've even hit a new high, or low, as the perps of such crimes are the people meant to curb them.

The Daily Caller reports that a series of bigoted messages about women, blacks and transgendered were invented by a member of the Bias Incident Response Team or BIRT. It's the victims doing the victimizing. BIRT is the bigot.

So, how can creating false hate crimes not be hate crimes themselves? After all, the violators' intent is to help themselves by hurting others, right?

Sadly, the media and academics don't mind these deeds for they believe in one greater fact: It doesn't matter if that hate crime is fake because a real one just like it has to be happening somewhere else. It's the assumption that drives all perceived injustice. We don't need facts, just feelings, to find fault.

Sadly, this fetish for divisiveness makes for an environment that engages and rewards the resentful. And because hate is in short supply, the resentful have to create it. It's hate karaoke, where the singers bang out hit after hit to the delight of a cooing angry crowd.

Fabrication is their livelihood. The scary part is, in 20 years, they'll be the historians writing about this era as if all of their lies were true.

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