December 6, 2013 Archives

December 6, 2013 Archives

Krauthammer On Obama: It's As If He Wandered Into The White House On A Tour And Discovered He's President

BRET BAIER: What about this whole thing that his take, Charles, that government is not good at certain things and we're looking to consolidate some agencies and yet his administration, when describing the success that they're having now, says that the website is operating at private sector velocity? CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: And this is after he's ar

Chris Matthews: GOP Cares Less About Their Country Than Apartheid Leaders In South Africa

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I want to point out something. I haven’t heard anything as smart as what I heard Reverend Sharpton say a couple minutes ago in five years. That is the most perceptive thing I’ve seen. It just rocks me. The difference between the way F.W. de Klerk handled the need for change and inevitable election, democratic election of Nelson

GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter: "Tactical Nuclear" Strike On Iran Is "Inevitable"

REP. DUNCAN HUNTER (R-CA): "I think people like to toss around the fact that we have to stop them in some way from giving them this nuclear capability. I don't think it’s inevitable. If you hit Iran, you do it with tactical nuclear devices and set them back a decade or two or three. That is what you do with a massive aerial bombardment campaign."

Dem Congressman: People Losing Their Insurance Due To Obamacare A "Good Thing"

REP. MATT CARTWRIGHT (D-PA): There is a reason you have minimum standards. There are people out there who have insurance that's really -- it's an illusion of coverage. They have immense deductibles. They have annual and lifetime caps. There's so many people out there with what I call phony insurance policies, and the fact that they’re going to lo

Gutfeld: The Hate Crime Hoax Business Is Booming

GREG GUTFELD: At least one business is doing great these days: the hate crime hoax factory. They've even hit a new high, or low, as the perps of such crimes are the people meant to curb them. The Daily Caller reports that a series of bigoted messages about women, blacks and transgendered were invented by a member of the Bias Incident Response Te

Santorum: Obamacare A "Great Injustice" Just Like Mandela Living Under Apartheid

RICK SANTORUM: Nelson Mandela stood up against a great injustice, and was willing to pay a huge price for that, and that’s the reason he mourned today, because of that struggle that he performed. You are right, what he was advocating for was not necessarily the right answer, but he was fighting against some great injustice. And I would make the a

Chris Hayes: Why Nelson Mandela Mattered

Rep. Barbara Lee and Danny Schechter discuss the South African leader’s legacy following his death at age 95.

"Special Report" Panel Examines Nelson Mandela's Lasting Legacy

Bret Baier, George Will, Kirsten Powers, and Charles Krauthammer discuss the legacy of South African leader Nelson Mandela.

O'Reilly: How GOP Should Capitalize On Obama's Sagging Popularity

O'REILLY:  Talking Points believes the Republican Party must drop ideology almost entirely and concentrate on the economy and putting forth a healthcare plan that makes sense. Everything else really doesn't matter. It's all about wages, jobs, and health, that's it. If the GOP does not consolidate its message, it will not capitalize on Mr. Obama's

Andrea Mitchell: Insurance Companies Voice Concerns Over Obamacare

President Obama is fighting back against health care critics while acknowledging the law’s rocky implementation, but insurance company leaders are still worried whether providers are receiving the correct information. AHIP’s Robert Zirkelbach joins Andrea Mitchell.

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