George Will: Young People Will Sign Up For Obamacare Due To Altruism Or Ignorance


GEORGE WILL: Well, Senator Reid should not try to be clever, it's very unbecoming. Because what he was doing was saying the president didn't say what the president has in his way, apologized for saying. The problem is they are now going into full-court press of millennials, who are also called invincibles because they don't realize they are going to get old, sick with aches and pains.

They need about 40% of those signing up to be under 35. Now they are either going to sign up because out of altruism, they want to subsidize the elderly. Good luck with that. Or, they are going to sign up because they don't know any better. The problem is Obamacare occurs in a context of young people. They've graduated from college, those who have, a great many of them into a job market that is -- unsatisfying. And they are graduating with federal student debt that they got because the Obama administration, with a flood of subsidies, caused the colleges to raise tuitions to capture the subsidies. And now they are coming out with this debt and they are greeted by the Obama administration -- 'Congratulations, you've got you degree. Buy some insurance that you don't want at a price you can't afford.' It's just not promising.

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