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Democratic Rep. Reveals He's Paying More Under Obamacare

REP. DEVIN NUNES (R-CA): We have -- theoretically, we have plan and continue to have a plan that covers every American. It just does it in a different way.

What they tried to do, what the Democrats tried to do with Obamacare is they tried to nationalize. They basically tried to create a Medicare for all approach. And that is fundamentally flawed approach because Medicare and Medicaid today are $100 trillion in debt.

REP. LUIS GUTIERREZ (D-IL): But at the same time, we did go out to the private sector. I'm not going to join a government sponsored health care come Monday. I'm going --


GUTIERREZ: I'm going to have a private sponsored plan.

BASH: You've gone on the Web site. Are you going to pay more or less than you're paying now?

GUTIERREZ: As a member of Congress, in my salary, I'm going to pay more when I gain access to that. I should have the same health care that we had, as every other federal employee.

But look, here's one of the things that I understand about this. I talked to my daughter today. And I said, babe, you're going to be on the health care plan. You might want to go on there and see what LSU offers you. And we want -- as a family, we might want to do this. I think those are decisions that everybody is going to be making.

And then, she said sure, dad, you're going to pay a little more because you make a lot more than other people in America make. She is absolutely right.

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